Parent focused postpartum care in your home

After a baby is born, a mother and father want nothing more than to sit with their baby and stare and care for him or her.  If it’s your first pregnancy you may not know it yet, but you're going to become an expert on your baby.  You, and nobody else.  You will learn the ins and outs of that little bundle through trial and error, and you are the best person in the world for the job.  My job is to make sure that you can focus on nothing but your baby.



Organic Healthy Meals centered around nourishing and building a mother’s depleted and hard working body so that she can continue to nurse and care for her baby

Organic Loose Tea  designed to support milk production, balance hormones, and stabilize moods 



Acupuncture to build blood and energy in a mother when she needs these vital substances most, Initiate delayed lactation, Increase slow milk production, Stabilize mood and hormones (in both mom and dad!), Relieve stress and discomfort​
Prevent postpartum depression, feelings of isolation and exasperation


Tui Na Massage to relieve breast engorgement, encourage milk production, and ease tense and sore muscles that were working overtime during labor and delivery (and continue to work overtime during nursing and sleep deprivation!)


Natural Remedies For Things Like constipation, sore nipples, emotional volatility, muscle aches, nightsweats, headaches, slow milk production, mastitis


Grocery Shopping Errend running